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Something about this workbook sets a tone that opens my creative mind. Is it the colour selections, the imagery, or the questions? Or a trifecta of perfect harmony ?  I find myself diving into questions of creative and personal self flow in a new way with this book. I look forward to cracking It open every morning.

- Gloria, Los Angeles.

A thoughtful reminder, for us to hold, study and make our marks within – a wonderful space to communicate entirely and truthfully with ourselves – to reflect and meditate on how we truly feel.

- Adeline, Melbourne.

An invaluable tool for self-reflection and observation, especially transformative for those who need a little guidance with their daily practice.

- Fran, Canada.

I love sitting with a question from the SP Workbook as part of my morning ritual. The prompts really allow me to sit with things that I otherwise wouldn’t have.

- Eva, London.

You can feel the love that has gone into the SP workbook, hands down the best tool for anyone in need of reflection, introspection & self growth - recommending to everyone!

- Gab, New South Wales.

The SP Workbook prompts me to nourish the sometimes wavering love that I have for myself, and reminds me that taking a moment for myself isn’t selfish.

- Sarah, Melbourne.

Absolutely everyone needs this workbook.

- Jessie, Mexico.