1:1 sessions

Self Practice is both a community and research platform, exploring the intersect of wellness and design, which firmly believes that the most important relationship we have in our lives is that with ourself.

When we are able to connect with ourselves, understand our patterns, behaviours, preferences and needs - we can use these reflections and take actionable steps towards more aligned personal, professional and creative practices.

The SP WORKBOOK is available for purchase to work through independently. In addition to this, one-to-one Skype / Face Time sessions with me, Lauren, can also be booked in for those looking for further accountability, additional guidance and creative consultation.

I would be honoured to bring my many years of both academic and personal inquiry into these areas to our one-to-one sessions.

Study, Jean Royere.

Study, Jean Royere.



Are these sessions for me?

You do not need to ‘be a creative’ to qualify for these sessions.
To reflect, show interest in your personal, creative & professional development, is an act of creativity.
You may have a project you’ve wanted to launch, but can’t look or get past certain blocks.
You might not have a creative project in the works (yet), you might just want to feel closer to your person and your practice and have identified that accountability and guidance can help you achieve this.
You might not even know why something like this is calling you, but if it is - I encourage you to listen to that internal pull & give the unknown a go.


During these sessions we will together identify your areas of exploration and expansion.

These may include but are not limited to:

  • Self / Self-care

  • Art + Design / Creative direction

  • Movement Practices / Physical Health

  • Mindfulness Practices / Mental Health

  • Research / Writing / Productivity

  • Relationships / Reflective Practices

  • Money / Conscious Business Practice   

Further things on offer:

  • Creative & professional practice; mentoring, feedback, guidance, consultation

  • Emotional sound-boarding and support

  • Apply theory to practice through actionable exercises and tools to aid expansion in identified areas of focus/growth

  • Reflective techniques and practices

  • Shared research and references

  • Assisted networking and support toward collaborative opportunities

  • Ongoing support, accountability and feedback


Before booking our 1:1 session; you will be required to nominate the areas in which you would like to focus on, and answer a series of short questions that pertain to these areas.

Please allow yourself enough time to sit with these questions and consider them as mindfully and honestly as possible. There are no right/wrong answers.
If for any reason I am lead to believe I am not the right consultant for you - I will do my best to suggest alternate paths/practitioners to aid you in your identified areas of growth.
Warmly, LT xo

1:1 Session Options

One-off / Initial consultations: 1 hour $150 aud

Ongoing sessions: 45 mins $75 aud

email to book your sp session.

*sessions are final sale. Refunds not available.