Self Practice is an informative online space centred on ideals of wellness, work and creativity - founded and edited by Lauren Trend. Here you will find tips, tools, products and insights - centred on the relationship between self, practice & beyond. 


A note from Lauren.. 

With an academic background in design and an obsession with all things wellness - Self Practice is the aggregation of all that interests me - professionally, creatively & personally.  It is the acknowledgment of every part of self. 

As cathartic as creating this space is for my both my person & my practice - Self Practice has fast become a useful resource for those with common interests. Feeling most aligned and inspired after conversations with friends & fellow creatives, housing this information somewhere seemed like an inspired and inevitable trajectory.

I firmly believe the most important relationship we have in our lives is that with ourselves. This space promotes fostering that relationship above all else. Rituals, resources and references are shared here, with the intention of encouraging self reflection and inspired action.





Portrait taken by Liz Sunshine.

Portrait taken by Liz Sunshine.