Today is world mental health day.

At SP, nothing is more important to us, than creating a space within which our community feels safe to explore themselves.

My journey with my own mental health is what lead to SP’s inevitable inception. Ten years ago I was markedly unwell. Who I am today was in complete contrast to who I once was. I understand hurt, heartache and despair. I lived in darkness. Mental health is something to be taken seriously. It is something I/we will forever strive for society to understand, normalise, and discuss.

Everything we do at SP is a direct reflection on the importance self-understanding has played in the rebuilding of my life. In overcoming my struggles I don’t claim to understand yours. But I do hope to inspire you here. To know yourself better. I truly believe that to know yourself is to understand how to best be in relationship with yourself. Nothing is more valuable than that.

Your being here acknowledges and understands that. May your dedication to yourself not stop there. Check in on your loved ones, colleagues, peers. Check in on your strong friend. We all struggle in our own unique ways. Everything is relative and nothing is more important than being there for ourselves, and others, in a transparent fashion.

Thank you for your bravery.Thank you for the tiny steps you take each day.Your mental health is not and never will be stigmatised or swept under the rug here. Acknowledge how far you have come, today.

Breathe, and keep going.

Lauren. x


Image: Recycling Rondo, Lucinda Childs

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