Jewellery designer and dear friend of Self Practice, Alexa De La Cruz, has just given birth to her second son, Elio. Her eponymous line is hand crafted in Mexico City, home for her and her three boys. We caught up, albeit briefly, with Alexa to discuss motherhood and creativity and the dance between the two.


How did you feel throughout your second pregnancy?

Exhausted, mentally and emotionally.
I also felt proud, powerful and graceful.

I had to take extra care of myself in every sense. My second pregnancy made me grow where I didn’t even know growth was possible. I opened up, did so much personal work and all of that is now blooming in a beautiful way.

I felt guilty, for putting myself first at times, but it was necessary. Having and accepting the support from friends and family but especially my husband was and is the best feeling in the world.

How do you think motherhood has influenced your creativity?

It has humbled me. Very simple things give me joy and that opens space for a different creativity.

Whats would you say, is the hardest part?

Choosing to parent in the most conscious way I can, and that means healing for myself takes place.

We all know healing, sometimes, breaks you. It’s a daily practice that I’m grateful I get to ~choose~. To take care of myself is to take care of my family.

And the most rewarding part?

Motherhood itself is the most rewarding part. All of it, even the places that are uncomfortable because that’s where you learn and grow the most. But of course, the laughter, the curiosity and creativity of my and our children. The love and the joy that they live with so presently.

Has your relationship with inspiration changed since becoming a mother?

It’s sometimes hard to remember my life before becoming a mother but it has definitely changed.

There are priorities and time is different. Yet I always open space for inspiration to exist. Even if it’s simple, everyday things. Like a flower.


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