Name: Emily L’Ami

Occupation/Business/Creative Outlet: Founder of Bodha

Starsign: Leo

Location: Los Angeles (but home will always be New Zealand)

How do you define wellness? Spending your time doing something you love, surround by people you love.

What was the catalyst for bringing your vision for Bodha to life? My dad's passing really made me focus on spending my time creating something I love & believe in.

Greatest learnings? It takes time to experience 'success' - you have to keep putting out consistently good work without expectations and then one day it will happen... And start before you're ready, because you're never going to feel ready! 

What are your most treasured rituals? My little morning ritual is really special to me because it gives me a space to connect with myself before starting the day. Light a stick of incense & in the time it takes to burn down, I make a pot of oolong, journal what I'm grateful for & how I'm going to make today great, read Jeff Kober’s daily thought and meditate.

This time last year I wish I knew? That turning 40 is the best thing ever!

I feel most creatively fulfilled when... I'm creating something I truly believe in with integrity & love

I’m grateful for... The people that love me, the endless inspiration of nature, doing something I love so much.