Introducing LESSE

An elevated, simplified approach to skincare...


Australian born, now LA Based, Neada Deters is the woman behind newly launched - soon to be cult - organic beauty brand LESSE. LESSE is the culmination of years of research and Neada's own, very personal relationship with organic skincare. Albeit infused with remarkable, all organic/natural ingredients; arguably the most alluring element of LESSE is the invitation simplify, to strip back any un-serving superfluous products or paraphernalia. It is, as you will learn by their philosophy below, far more than skincare. LESSE is an invitation to breathe. 



An effortless commitment to healthier, better skin through an elevated approach to self-care. Their products are made for ritual use, a small but meaningful gesture repeated morning and night to nourish skin and reflect on the importance of small actions in the larger scope of our lives (and our health). 





Powerful organic ingredients are the foundation of healthier, more impactful beauty results, with skin absorbing and reacting to products both shortand long-term. Lesse's advanced formulations call on naturally transformative elements to fortify and improve skin, inside and out, without undermining the integrity and health of skin below the surface. All of their products are designed to boost skin’s health with daily application, year after year.



Lesse is organic skin care, refined to the essentials. A simplified ritual of powerful antioxidants and naturally restorative elements, for a modern and healthy approach to skin. Advanced, transformative organic formulations that revitalize and regenerate below the surface for immediate and lasting results.






Their evolved approach to organic skin care is reflected in their essential, effective products. A new generation of powerful, regenerative formulations that provide more meaningful results than an extensive program of products. Unisex essentials developed for all skin types – and sized for home or travel. Share for simplified shelf space, and use wherever the road might take you.