Written by Lauren Trend..

Even though i'm no longer at a desk from 9-5, or having a ‘boss’ pay my bills, you will never hear me say "I work for myself".
Because i don't. I work for my business. 

Self Practice is my business AND my boss.

What it needs, I do. What it requires, I pivot around. Where it calls, I listen.

I am not stuck in the glamorisation of labelling myself as an entrepreneur. I am its first employee.
It may be ‘my business’, but it’s my CEO. It calls the shots. I just have the privilege of acting on them.

The more that business owners and directors can put aside their personal propaganda, to listen to the call of their business entities (/ideas/entities to be) - the greater the energetic alignment overall will be.

Questions you might light to consider, if you are a ‘business owner’:

- What language do you use to describe your role in your business?
- If your business could talk to you right now, what would it say?


SP TASK: This week, can you write a letter to your business, as if it were a person / entity?
Acknowledge how far you have come, and where you plan on going. Thank it for it’s lessons, the learnings the journey so far has provided you with. Put down in address, how you intend on growing together and investing in one another, throughout the year ahead...


- Lauren is the Founder & Editor of Self Practice

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