Since working predominately from home, I have found it far more necessary, for both my person and professional / creative practice - to elevate everyday experiences..

Below are a list of ten things that help both keep my workflow on track, and make the seemingly mundane, just a little more magic..

  1. Noto Resurface Scrub / To know me is to know how much I love NOTO. My dear friend Gloria really has made magic with her resurface scrub. It is the only exfoliant that I have found to help leave me feeling clean but not stripped and awfully tight. When I’m feeling stuck or stagnant, a shower and this scrub make everything seem new again.

  2. The Self Practice MOVE Playlist / It’s on whenever I’m doing work. It is uplifting without being ‘too much.’

  3. My girlfriend’s AeroPress / It’s quick and easy and makes such delicious coffee. Even more delicious when it’s made (with love) for me !!

  4. My Perfume / Its a luxury that I don’t take for granted. I would put it on right before leaving the house each morning and heading to work. And now, I do the same, even though most mornings I work from home (at least for the first few hours).. It’s a sensory trigger that puts me in ‘work / I’m on’ mode.

  5. Coconut Butter / The essential ingredient in all of my elixirs and tonics. It’s been hot here in Melbourne of late, so I haven’t been as ‘on’ with my warm tonics as I usually am. But as soon as I ingest a scoop full or two of this, the sheen comes back to my hair and glow back into my skin.

  6. Sourdough Bread / We’re just having one hell of a renaissance. Bread is life and I’m sorry I ever forgot it.

  7. LESSE Ritual Serum / My go to before gua sha at present. I love that LESSE’s face serum is really light. It’s an oil, but it breathes.. It’s just magic and it’s hard to describe without feeling it for yourself. So if you invest in one new / nice thing for yourself / your skin in the next little while, let it be this!

  8. Le Labo Hand Soap / I got a mecca voucher for Christmas cause my family knows me too well, and I wanted to buy something I would never ever usually buy myself… A very luxe hand soap. It has made the mundane task of washing my hands… well, magic! I adore it. And since working from home, finding ways to elevate everyday experiences is all the more important!

  9. Self Practice WORKBOOK 01 / At present I’m working through one page / question / prompt each day. I also use the back ‘notes’ section for my daily to-do lists. I love the energy this precious book of mine pertains. It has become so special to me, as I hope it has all of you who have purchased your own copy!

  10. Every Day Coffee Mug / For drinking the delicious aero press coffee out of!