A-Space to be present.

A-Space to be compassionate.

A space to be you.

Guillaume Delvigne, Stool.

Guillaume Delvigne, Stool.

Hidden away amongst the quaint cobble stones of Glasshouse Rd in Collingwood is A-Space - Melbourne’s first (Australia’s first!) multidisciplinary Meditation Studio. Founded by Manoj Dias and Josh Lynch, A-Space offers both literal and figurative space - for all to simply just be, and breathe.

Meditation can have such a profound impact on our state of being. It is a deeply personal practice, perhaps most commonly practiced alone & at home. However within their ‘bricks and mortar’ studio; A-Space offers, and fosters, something we all seem to be collectively craving: the ability to connect with likeminded individuals; offline.

Remarkable things happen when we hold space for ourselves alone; and especially whilst in the company of others. Collective self-enquiry affords us accountability, allows us to feel supported and expands our social circles with people who have a genuine wish to serve our growth.

If you are local to Melbourne; you can check out A-Space’s timetable here.

If you are elsewhere in the world; never fear - you can meditate with Manoj on Insight Timer.

You are supported. In solitude. In company.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Keep going.