Name: Christelle Scifo

Occupation/Business/Creative Outlet: Fleurette 

Starsign: Leo, rising in Leo 

Favourite Number:

First thing you did this morning? Hot water with lemon (it was 4:30am) followed by a long black.

What does 'wellness' mean to you? Balance 

Products found in your shower/by your bath? Aesop and L'avenue body wash and moisturiser, Klorine shampoo, Buly soaps and balms, Le Labo and Diptyque Candles, Marvis toothpaste, Dermalogica face wash, Chanel creams and fragrance.

Three things that can always be found in your kitchen cupboard? Vases, candles and popcorn.

Favourite kitchen utensil? My microplane 

Favourite Travel destination? Paris / Positano

Currently reading? Podcasts and audiobooks

Currently browsing (.com)? The Real Real, Vestiaire,

Favourite breakfast food?  A croissant 

Three items in your wallet / bag? Klorane dry shampoo, Chanel hand moisturiser, my phone charges and more often than not dried and pressed flowers.

An album/mix that calms your nervous system?
Philip Glass / Lou Doillon / old French favourites and classical piano music via my chill playlist on Spotify.

An album/mix that hypes you up? Solange / Beyonce / Diana Ross / Polo & Pan / 90s hits and many more via my party playlists on Spotify.

Most commonly used apps on your phone? Mail, Instagram, Shazam, Spotify, Health, Mind Body

Favourite form of movement/exercise? Contemporary dance, ballet and reformer pilates. 

One thing you'd like to incorporate into your day/week that you're currently yet to? Finding the time to read a book.

Nighttime rituals? Currently admin, emails, a face mask and a glass of wine. 

I feel most creatively fulfilled when… I'm following my instincts and emotions.

I'm currently working on… My website, my business and myself.

This time last year, I wish I knew... Nothing yet, I haven't learnt since then. It's been a year of lessons and personal evolution.

I'm grateful for... My boyfriend, the beauty of nature and my family.


Photographed by Claudia Smith