Name: Claudia Smith

Occupation: Creative

Starsign: Cancer

Favourite Number: 9

First thing you did this morning? Press Snooze

What does 'wellness' mean to you? Balance

Products found in your shower/by your bath? Aliange exfoliator, coconut oil and fresh eucalyptus or teatree. 

Three things that can always be found in your kitchen cupboard? Almonds, tamari and a bag of greens.

Favourite kitchen utensil? Baby spoon.

Favourite Travel destination? South Island, New Zealand.

Currently reading? Cloudstreet - Tim Winton and The Body Keeps The Score - Bessel Van Der Kolk.

Currently browsing (.com)? , 

Favourite breakfast food? Right now vegemite on toast (missing australia) 

Three items in your make up bag? Ayu - carnal, McBride Pink Moon Balm and PawPaw/some type of lip moisture. 

An album/mix that calms your nervous system? Souvlaki - Slow Dive

An album/mix that hypes you up? Saâda Bonaire or if you automatically want to be in a good mood: U Turn Me On by Jeancy

Most commonly used apps on your phone? Maps, Instagram and Mail. 

Favourite form of movement/exercise? Walking everywhere I can.

One thing you'd like to incorporate into your day/week that you're currently yet to? More stretching and learning how to be content with my own company. 

Nighttime rituals? Cooking a bowl of vegies and jumping into a full bath when I can. 

I feel most creatively fulfilled when... My visions become a picture. 

I'm currently working on... Too many things. 

This time last year, I wish I knew... How good tomatoes tasted in France.

I'm grateful for... The ocean and supportive people around me.