My, my, mine money mind, be still your spinning vines,

for as they twist and intertwine, they tangle all but time.

Hush mine monkey mind, be still to allow the light,

for when your echoes holla back, the chest becomes all tight.

My, my, mine monkey mind, imitations prove your might. 

but my, my, mine monkey mind, masks but merely fright.

My, my, mine monkey mind, your chaos can pull me in deep, 

but even when your laughter is strong, I feel a subtle and steady beat.

My, mine, my dear monkey mind, my tight chest has something to say, 

hush mine monkey mind, it’s my heart, and she knows the way...

"Listen mine monkey mind, what you seek is in the light" and dearest darling monkey mind, the heart is always right.

So hush mine monkey mind, trust the strong and noble heart,  

for when you’re stuck there in that jungle, she’ll show you where to start.

— Ellen is a Self Practice contributor.

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