— By Lauren Trend

JANE remains one of our favourite pieces of fashion and art publishing.
Around the dinner table last December, I remember discussing with JANE Founders, Annika and Odin, how creativity, today; is an act of bravery & hope.

These sentiments ring true in everything I witness these two touch. JANE is a product of their passion, their drive and their sheer will to keep a dying art alive. It is a project that fundamentally embodies everything Self Practice stands for; the exploration of self, creativity and identity, through creative output.

Their Sixth Issue is on the horizon and as we patiently wait, we sat down with JANE’s Editor in Chief, Annika Hein, to learn a little more about the upcoming issue, and the insights its creation had to offer..

Massimo Leardini-2.jpg

SP: What can we look forward to in JANE issue six?

AH: Issue six looks at how we communicate and act on the intentions of the soul, the ways we choose to express our true sense of being. Through an exploration of the written word, poetry, film photography, art, and artistic meaning issue six aims to connect the different realms of consciousness and creativity and to bring us closer to our true selves. There are also some pretty special interviews with Domino Kirke, William Meader, Yelena Moskovich, and Alexandria Coe.


SP: A personal lesson learnt whilst creating this issue? 

AH: There’s always something beautiful to be found in imperfection.


SP: Is it possible for you to describe issue JANE issue 6 in three words?

AH: Expressions (of) soul language.


SP: And if JANE issue six was an album, which would it be? 

AH: I’m not sure, maybe something that could have been heard coming from Max's Kansas City in the late ‘60s. But if it were a poem it would be Wild Geese by Mary Oliver.

You can pre-order JANE Issue Six here.


Photography: Massami Leardini