Design that prioritises well being - Ilse Crawford

A Frame For Life.. 

I was gifted Ilse Crawford's book 'A Frame for Life' by my boss and dear friend Rachael two christmases ago. It is one of my most treasured material possesions; for it holds so much truth and wisdom in its pages. It's ressonance with my own values hits my core every time I pick it up or turn a page. 

I have long admired Ilse Crawford. For those unfamiliar with her work; she is an academic and designer that prioritises notions of wellbing within all of her work. She designs with the human being at the centre. She designs within a frame for life. I would love to share with you some of my favourite pieces of her writing from this book. 


"For us interior design is so much more than choosing furniture, and it is our mission to change this perception. Good interior design is always about more than the way things look (although that certainly is an important part of the toolkit.) It is about making sure the human experience is prioritized when we build. It is about human happiness and wellbeing. It is about making life better. After all, inside buildings is where we live." - p.31


"Bathing is an emotional and physical need. It is a place to feel reconnected to your body and yourself." - p.51 


" Home is so much more than bricks and mortar. It is such an interesting construct. On the one hand, it is receptacle to house objects and people. And on the other, it is a living thing; constantly in flux, as changable as the people that live in it and a vessel for so many different activites. Home is a practical way to weave our many emotional needs into daily life. As John Berger said, 'without a home, everything was fragmentation.' Home is a place to do ordinary things. It is a place to be ourselves and to channel our better selves - to create well being, connection, warmth - and to draw attention to the small rituals and gestures that give life meaning and value." - p.53