Energy - Stagnating, Circulating & Integrating

As humans. We're just big ol' balls of energy. Over the years I've dived pretty deep into the world/s of spirituality and self-improvement. I'll always be of the 'take what you like, leave what you don't' mindset - not everything need be taken as gospel - but there was one big 'ahh-ha' moment on this journey that truly changed the way I perceived and practiced my own spirituality. 

For some - there's this fairly common conception that 'spirituality' is to escape the mind, the body, and levitate into a lightened, more blissful state. I used to hold those same stereotypical connotations. I am no stranger to meditation and practicing positive affirmations; but nowadays - the most spiritual thing I do, is jump up and down and move my body. Truly. My main spiritual practice (at the moment) is not to meditate cross legged, or practice I love you's in the mirror a-la-Louise Hay, but to flail my limbs about. 

My number one spiritual practice is circulating blood throughout my body - and here's how that came to be.. 

We can understand a lot of spiritual stuff and know nothing about energy. You know, be very aware of all the spiritual bypass kinda lingo 'think and you shall be, love thy neighbour, etc'  - and still not be very nice or happy or fulfilled people.. Do not get me wrong.. They're perfect and utopian ideals, but have you ever felt yourself seriously frustrated because you KNOW all the right things to say, think and do but you STILL could punch the lady infront of you for walking too slowly down the frozen food isle..?!!? Hey, believe me, I get it -- but now I know what to call that frustration.

It's stagnance. 

You see - energy has three ways of being. It's either Stagnating, Circulating or Integrating. (See below.) We act the worst when we're least aware of what were experiencing on an energetic level. We're tired, frustrated, unmotivated, and hopelessly waiting for some sort of sign to show us where to go or what to do next.. When we understand where we are energetically, we are far more equiped to show up with more compassion, understanding and generosity - with ourselves and others. 

STAGNATING - lashing out at reality - whether against the world or agains themselves. 

CIRCULATING - awakening and expanding - generating newness and creating space. 

INTEGRATING - shut down in a state of incubation, healing and coming to be. 

Anyone in your life, or any time you feel withdrawn, or when people are not meeting you where you want to meet them, say someone's not giving back to you - that person's not an asshole.. 'they're just integrating!'
No longer do you have to feel like they don't like you - they're simply just integrating; going through an energetic reservation/in a different energetic-postcode to you. When I can feel myself withdrawing - I know it's, in main part, to focus on my emotions and a prioritisation of healing.

When you are at odds with life, or anyone that is at odds with you - any time there is some sort of lashing out, whether towards others or ourselves - that is the byproduct of stagnant energy.

When energy is circulating - we're awakening, we're expanding - and if we learn how to circulate energy, we can break apart all of the stagnation in our energy field that manifests as inflammation.

What's the main cause of disease? Stagnence.
What's one of the most common symptoms that something is wrong? Inflammation.
Starting to make sense? 

Energy always moves forward. And when we, as energetic beings, are not always moving forward/expanding/evolving/and learning how to circulate energy - we leave it up to life to circulate energy for us. The getting fired, the flat tyre, the relationship breakdown - sadly, all byproducts of stagnance. 


So, *breathes out*... How do we circulate energy? We circulate energy by learning to make different choices, that break apart the areas or patterns of stagnation in our life. 

Stagnation are the areas of your life when you do the same thing over and over again. You've started to think about them right away haven't you?

In order to circulate new energy - ask yourself - what are the things I do the most that are perhaps not productive to my feeling positive? And also ask yourself, what are the things I know I could do more of to invite and circulate new energy. 

As mentioned above - I view this theory on both a macro and micro level.
I know that when I'm frustrated or mentally foggy it's time to move my body and circulate energy. I know that if I'm in a funk for a few days it's because my routine has been too similar day in and out.
I know that if I'm creatively blocked, a new collaborator or life drawing class could help switch things up. 
I know that when my skin is feeling dry (stagnant), my dry body brushing is there to help stimulate the nerve endings and circulate energy throughout my lymphatic system.

Like all brilliant teachings (Ayurveda, Homeopathy, etc) - this concept too is a play of the opposites. 

Here are some ways in which I'll be trying to circulate new energy this week. I'd love to compare notes if you too feel like doing this! 

+ A boxing class in place of a Yoga Class
+ Walking a different route to work
+ Using a jade roller on my face
+ Sleeping on the other side of my bed
+ Using a different mug to drink my morning cacao
+ Going out for a wine with a new friend on a weeknight
+ Trying three completely new recipes for dinner

All this is, is the spiritual power of inviting variety into your life. Break patterns and see where and what circulating new energy can bring you. 

xo LT