Wellness is not 'One-ness'

Wellness is not 'one-ness.'

What works for her might not work for him might not work for you. 

Take what feels good, leave what doesn't. 

See the things you're not doing as opportunity to try, not act as a catalyst to criticise yourself or see lack.

Then perhaps honour yourself for trying new things; being open. Or honour yourself for knowing your body and your boundaries and your limits. It's up to you to make the calls of your life. We can become informed and learned but must never discount our own intuition.

It's not up to anyone else to dictate how you should act or how you should feel when. 

This space is here for you to pick and choose. 

This space shares the views and rituals of many, because whilst I reserve the right to change my mind about many things; one thing will always remain painfully true in my heart:

Wellness is not one-ness. 

Of this I need constant reminding; and if you do too, please let the above sink into your cells.

xo LT