Name: Zsuzsanna Toth

Occupation/Business/Creative Outlet: Writing & creative consulting. 

Starsign: Aquarius

Favourite Number: Depends on the context. 

First thing you did this morning? Hot lemon water and toast, e-mails in bed. 

What does 'wellness' mean to you? Being able to “just be” without thinking, without any effort. 

Products found in your shower/by your bath? Sans [ceuticals] hair products, a lot of Dr. Hauschka, nut oils.  

Three things that can always be found in your kitchen cupboard? Bread (yes), gennmaicha tea, jams and pickles (my favourite souvenirs). 

Favourite kitchen utensil? Toaster, Aeropress. 

Favourite Travel destination? South of France and all over Italy. 

Currently reading? Finally on The Neapolitan Novels by Elena Ferrante.

Currently browsing (.com)? Tumblr (rediscovered obsession),, of course

Favourite breakfast food? CROISSANTS. Ham and cheese or / and with all goodies from London Borough of Jams. Eggs with ricotta and greens. Or coconut yoghurt with fruit and nuts. (I kinda like breakfast, can you tell?)

Three items in your make up bag? Only one: cc cream from Chanel, its like 10 in one: concealer, UV protection, hydration, glo. 

An album/mix that calms your nervous system? Cigarettes after Sex, anything Lauryn Hill.

An album/mix that hypes you up? Soulection Radio and Charlie Bones’ breakfast radio on NTS.

Most commonly used apps on your phone? The weather app, Instagram, Maps. 

Favourite form of movement/exercise? Running, walking, yoga.

One thing you'd like to incorporate into your day/week that you're currently yet to? More running, yoga, (non commissioned) writing.

Nighttime rituals? Ear plugs - always, a night cream from Manufactum. It’s so good, sometimes I cheat and wear it in the daytime, too.

I feel most creatively fulfilled when... I can connect dots, oversee the bigger picture and be given control, rather than just executing a part. 

I'm currently working on… a new project in Paris. 

This time last year, I wish I knew… that returning can be a step forward, too.

I'm grateful for... my friends. Full stop.

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