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I’ve started seeing my emotions as something close to, but ultimately external to me - outside my physical body.

It’s a powerful visualisation technique. Shame, guilt, anxiety - we didn’t start our time here harbouring them. Through experiences, and for valid reasons, they have built, and become - to most of us - everyday experiences if not carried with us always.

But what if we started to see them as external to us?
Visually. As hard objects hovering over our skin, able to be picked up and placed further away from our person, handed to a trusted friend in conversation, acknowledged and tended to - rather than a state that physically consumes, or is forever part of us.

I’ve dealt with high functioning anxiety and depression since I was eleven; seasonal affective disorder has its way with me, every year, too. I understand how viscerally the human body feels and copes with these emotions. I am in no way discounting that.

This is the sharing of a technique that has immensely helped me separate my pain, from my physical form, so it feels like my body is on my side. I’m done being at war with her, too.

— Written by Lauren Trend.