Let’s have a hard talk about using self care as an excuse not to do the work.

Self care is not to be mistaken for finding excuses not to work. ‘Go easy on yourself’ is not an invitation to not work hard, if hard work is what’s deep down calling you - If you have goals and plans and business ideas you want to manifest? 
Sometimes the most self-care-oriented practice is locking yourself to the desk to finish the proposal, essay or email.

Today we ask you: 
Where are you using notions of self care & spirituality to bypass that which is actually being asked of you?

Self care, at its core, are the mindful, reflective and selective acts that follow brutally honest questions such as: How am I? Who am I? What do I need? Where can I be better? How am I not showing up? What is there to learn here?

Self care is not easy. It is the practice of alignment which takes constant practice in itself. The answers, your needs, will always be different. So ask yourself the above, often. 

xo SP