If you’ve just found me this year, hi me too.

I turn twenty six today, and these past 365 days have been the most fundamentally expansive of my life. Birthing this space has held a huge hand in that. Before I share with you twenty six things I’d tell my younger self, I’d like to thank each and every one of you, for holding me in this space this year. I am moved, more than words will have me say, by this community’s kindness, openness, authenticity and willingness to be on this journey with me. Thank you. xo LT

  1. Congratulations. We made it this far.

  2. I’m so sorry you felt so lonely. I’m glad you see how supported you are now - and have always been.

  3. Thank you for having such a diverse range of interests. No body else needs to make sense of them. Not even you.

  4. Other peoples inability to meet or match your feelings is not a means to measure your own self worth.

  5. Your resilience, and blind trust, will become your favourite parts of you.

  6. Learn to love being someone that feels emotions, fully. This is not a weekness but a strength. A gift.

  7. Your parents’ divorce had nothing to do with you.

  8. Being able to receive feedback shows humility and strength.

  9. Your ability to throw yourself into your multidimensional interests is fantastic. Not “un-focussed”.

  10. Wear your retainer.

  11. It takes time to find the through-lines. Give yourself space for your trajectory to make sense.

  12. Read more.

  13. I’m so proud of you for standing up for what you believe in.

  14. Thank you for realising where we were going wrong, and how we could do better.

  15. Continue to compliment people. Your love moves mountains.

  16. Your deep understanding of pain will be such a powerful conduit for connection.

  17. Sidelines are a really nice place to be sometimes. Take a break from centre stage.

  18. Your honesty and transparency affords others the ability to see themselves in new light.

  19. Leave your god damn hair alone.

  20. Experiencing heartbreak having loved is worse than not taking a chance.

  21. Stop taking it out on your body. Be friend it. Be on its team.

  22. You’ll learn that giving comes easy - your strength lies in your ability to receive.

  23. People will say things behind your back. Many of them will be nasty, but many of them nice - too.

  24. How you talk to and about your body is how your children will learn to talk to and about their bodies.

  25. Admitting you are wrong is not weakness, but the ultimate strength.

  26. People telling you you look just like your mother will become your favourite compliment.

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