— By Lauren Trend


Fig. 01 The Art of Gesture, Bruno Munari

The truth is, I'm often so scared.
That I'm still not enough or never will be.

The truth is, I've experienced such darkness.
That feeling good once felt like an impossible concept.

The truth is, I'm still at war with parts of myself.
Parts that I thought were buried deep, or worse yet, already reconciled with.

The truth is, I catch myself slip up, often.
In my communication with myself, and my loved ones.

The truth is, I'm often exhausted.
From carrying years of hurt and heartbreak and confusion.

The truth is, on some days, I'm wildly and painfully optimistic.
And won't settle for anything less than perfect.

The truth is, in quiet moments with myself, I catch myself whispering I love you.
And in the next breath, words of hatred.

The truth is, I’m built of duality.
The light and the dark and everything in between.

The truth is, my truth is always changing.
That stepping into who I am requires the continual acknowledgment of, but not attachment to, every person I am and have ever been.

All of them deserve love, tenderness & inclusion.
This is my self-practice.