Name: Odin Verdell Wilde

Occupation/Business/Creative Outlet: Editor in Chief and Art Director of JANE by The Grey Attic, Photographer and Creative director.

Starsign: Aries sun and rising, Pisces moon

Favourite Number: 8

First thing you did this morning? Kissed Annika, greeted our dog Arlo, stretched, scraped my tongue, drank a large glass of water and then I had a black coffee and sat outside.

What does 'wellness' mean to you? Ever since I was four I have preached balance to anyone who would listen. I remember vividly expressing this to my parents on numerous occasions. It has always been my foundation.

Products found in your shower/by your bath? Organic olive oil, lavender, and bath salts.

Three things that can always be found in your kitchen cupboard? Cumin, garlic, and potatoes.

Favourite kitchen utensil? Tupperware hand-pulled food processor.

Favourite Travel destination? Mexico.

Currently reading? Dance Dance Dance by Haruki Murakami and also New and Selected Poems Volume One by Mary Oliver.

Currently browsing (.com)? In all honesty I don’t browse online at all unless I am specifically looking for something for projects.

Favourite breakfast food? Oats with homemade almond milk, macca, chia, cacao wild blueberries, banana, and peanut butter.

An album/mix that calms your nervous system? At the moment anything by Nick Cave.

An album/mix that hypes you up? Plant Mama’s Groove Time Playlist.

Most commonly used apps on your phone? Dropbox, Instagram and Realestate.

Favourite form of movement/exercise? Running and Muay Thai.

One thing you'd like to incorporate into your day/week that you're currently yet to? Meditate more often.

Nighttime rituals? Play (learn) guitar.

I feel most creatively fulfilled when... When I am close the ocean.

I'm currently working on... Issue six of JANE.

This time last year, I wish I knew... How to be more present.

I'm grateful for... Everything single thing, although I am especially grateful for Annika. To be able to spend my life with you my love is everything.