Jen Vitale

Occupation/Business/Creative Outlet: Owner of Association Studio - a shop and creative studio in Portland, OR

Starsign: Pisces sun; Aries moon; Sagittarius rising

Favourite Number: 4

First thing you did this morning? Snuggled w/my four year old

What does 'wellness' mean to you? Checking in, quieting my mind, really listening

Products found in your shower/by your bath? Nucifera The Balm, Rahua shampoo + conditioner,  Sunpotion Shea Butter, dry brush, Dr. Bronner's baby soap.

Three things that can always be found in your kitchen cupboard? Lemons, tea, good salt

Favourite kitchen utensil? A sharp knife

Favourite Travel destination? Big Sur, CA / Taos, nm / Paris / i'm planning a trip to India next year and would like to go to Greece someday.

Currently reading? 'Ramayana' by William buck,  and re-reading 'Daybook' by Anne Truitt

Currently browsing (.com)? Airbnb

Favourite breakfast food?
Egg w/toast and jam

Three items in your make up bag? Snow Lotus sandalwood oil, Rose Hydrosol, RMS lip2cheek in ‘modest’.

An album/mix that calms your nervous system? Jessica Pratt, Ravi Shankar, Keith Jarrett, Joni Mitchell, laraaji, jazz of all kinds.

An album/mix that hypes you up? Talking heads, Kate bush, Solange, roots reggae in the summer time

Most commonly used apps on your phone? Instagram, Spotify.

Favourite form of movement/exercise? Yoga, long walks, dancing !

One thing you'd like to incorporate into your day/week that you're currently yet to? More breathing; less holding in

Nighttime rituals? Herbal tea, long talks with my partner, podcasts/reading. 

I feel most creatively fulfilled when... When i spend lots of time alone / when i'm present / when i'm traveling / when something i've made bridges a connection between myself and others.

I'm currently working on... the second issue of my magazine, In Process 

This time last year, I wish I knew... nothing stays the same for long.

I'm grateful for... family / friends / clean water / community / my practice