Taurus offers a simple and universal wisdom: focus on the heart.

You do not have to be spilling over with self-love. You do not have to love yourself in order to participate in self-care. Self-love, in popular culture at least, is a loaded term, and may actually be pointing us away from what it means to be truly engaged with the heart. However, there is a care that we can action without being “in love” with our bodies, minds, personalities, or lives.

This self-care, inspired by Taurus season, is to examine the parts of ourselves that we have been conditioned to believe are inherently unlovable – or just loveable enough, so that we remain engaged with the belief that we need something outside of ourselves to survive and thrive.

If you can locate a belief like this, ask yourself “what meaning or worth does it offer me?” and “how does it inform the way I relate to myself?”  

Values and beliefs do have a purpose – are you aware of which ones limit or expand you? You no longer need to hold on to values which do not support your flourishing. Protect the precious ones which do.

Wherever Taurus is in the natal chart will indicate a deep expression of what we believe we need in order to align our lives with our highest values. We all embody the bull in some way. Is it in your relationships, with your family, or in your daily work?

To tune into Taurus energy, sense the cellular connection between your human body – your skin, hair, blood, bones – and the grass, the trees, the sea and the sand, the insects, animals, and birds, and even other human bodies. This is the source of unconditional love that our inner Taurus is searching for, and it’s everything that the soul needs to survive. It is subtle, and may take some practice feeling out.

By practicing a deeper connection to our inner environment and experience, we can relax the need to hold onto external sources for self-esteem and security. Taurus is learning to let go of outside validation in order to quietly and profoundly appreciate what comes from the heart.


Experiment with breathing into your heart space.

Carry rose quartz with you or wear rose quartz jewellery.

Lay down and place rose quartz on your chest. Breathe a quiet and understanding love into it. Focus on its soft hue and its graceful shape. Conjure up unconditional gratitude for its existence.

— Written by Cosmic Shrimp

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