— By Lauren Trend

Literacy is Freedom

If I couldn’t write, I’d feel lost.
If I couldn’t read, I’d feel ashamed, embarrassed and trapped.

All too often, I have taken my ability to express myself and navigate my way through the world for granted. To understand my self, my surroundings and share my story, is privilege in action.

I am a person, learning and sharing - freely.

The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF / @alnf_ ), established in 1999, is a registered national charity dedicated to raising language, literacy and numeracy standards in Australia. ALNF raises funds to develop, implement and sustain innovative programs with proven, tangible results, working across the nation - with a particular focus on the learning needs of Indigenous, refugee and marginalised communities.

Together, ALNF & Self Practice believe that LITERACY is FREEDOM. Literacy allows us to access education, participate meaningfully in our society and to have a voice. Literacy, is a basic human right.

Moving forward, ten dollars from every SP Workshop ticket sold, will be passed on to ALNF.

We understand that to do this work; to self reflect, and self understand, is a privilege.
We understand that literacy is a fundamental part of what we offer and what we do.
We understand that giving the next generation and especially indigenous, refugee & marginalised children that same opportunity is paramount, for the betterment and sustainability of our future.

When you come and learn with us, know that you are now aiding the literacy development of those who dream of writing (& editing) their own story one day.

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Fig 01. - Rudolf Bonvie, Dialog 2, 1973

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