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Holy Mountain is a newly launched Melbourne-based herbal supplement company that celebrates the natural healing properties of medicinal & adaptogenic herbs, roots and mushrooms.

They join together the ancient teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and contemporary scientific research in the creation of our four unique blends to support and enhance different aspects of your lifestyle. Their tonics are handmade in small batches using only the highest grade organic and wild-harvested ingredients from Australia and beyond. 

With a collection of remedies that focus on promoting: Immunity, vitality & longevity Cognitive awareness & mindfulness Hormone balance & resilience to stress Skin, hair and digestive health.

Holy Mountain’s Founder, Lisa Perri, began her research into plant-based and traditional medicines many years ago. What started as a keen interest in disease-prevention due to a family history of breast cancer, became a far more focused passion after experiencing the positive benefits on her own emotional & physical health.

Lisa began to share her study and experiences with close friends and family, and Holy Mountain formed naturally in response to growing interest in her knowledge of herbs and customised formulations. 

We are incredibly excited to see and support such an aligned company. Learn more about Holy Mountain & shop their range of remedies at www.holymountain.com.au

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