A note on SP editorial content..

If it's forced, you wont hear from us. If we have to go searching; we won’t bother.
Sometimes we'll post seven articles a week. Sometimes you'll find no more than four a month.

We are not a content making machine.
We don’t need to bombard you with information always.
We don't care for scheduled posts.
We don't speak unless we mean it, and we don't share to clog up your feeds.

The energy that goes into all of our online articles is filled with and fuelled by integrity, excitement and topical relevance to the writer.

In the name of circulating energy and avoiding stagnance, content calendars just aren't how we do things.

The only rhythm and statistic we care to measure is the beat of our own alignment doing this work.

In your own life and business, we encourage you to reflect this week:

How can you drop what you’ve learned and lean into what’s right for you/your business?

How you feel matters a great deal more than how you do it.
Happy brand new week! xo SP