A recent past life regression has informed me that it was only in one other lifetime before this one that I’ve been in a female body.

This made a lot of sense to me.

My sexuality, my clothing choices, my relationship with my body.
In my dreams I’m often a man. The subconscious is a powerful thing.

It’s taken a lot for me to feel at home here, in this form - of a ‘woman’s’ body. A lot. And some days I still don’t. At twenty five I’m only just now starting to explore myself, my gender, as non binary. Saying it publicly feels sort of scary, so thanks for holding my words and I here.

In the past, (very recent past, too) I’ve attached myself, my identity and written experiences to ‘womanhood’ in a genuine act to feel more comfortable. But instead of clinging on, I’m learning that what I need most, is to let go.

I am so many selves. And I am not alone.

These experiences and realisations and traversing of gender roles, norms and constructs belong to so many people. I want to send thanks to everyone whose authenticity, articulation and bravery has afforded me these realisations.

All this to preface... that over the past few weeks I have been giving the structuring of self practice a lot of thought and very obvious changes needed to be made. Whilst no one has come to me with any issues having our community defined as SP ‘men’ and ‘women’ - I have decided to restructure our wording and re-code our website so it is genderless and entirely inclusive.

I appreciate your patience as I wade out these tides, tweak SP as I learn and grow, and hopefully play a small part here in decoding societal norms.

This is not to take away from anyone’s pride in their gender, but to make sure that self practice, in every way possible, stands for what I believe in above all else - equality.

Everyone we have featured can be found on the site filed under, COMMUNITY as PEOPLE.

xo LT

— Lauren is the Founder & Editor of Self Practice

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