1. Earthing. Take your shoes off and plant the soles of your feet straight onto the ground. Tune into the frequency of Mother Nature.

  2. Listen to a song that moves you. Literally. Turn up the volume & throw a dance party for one.

  3. Meditate. Remove yourself from the hustle and bustle for 2.5. Quieten your mind, calm your nervous system and reclaim your energy - rather than feeling frazzled by its unconscious expenditure.

  4. Switch from your left brain into your right. Create. Without reason, without purpose, without judgement. Create to simply be in the act of creativity. Process not perfection nor production. Write, draw, scribble even. Heck, make like a middle aged mom and save .jpgs on Pinterest boards. Anything!!

  5. Take a tech detox. Switch off your phone. Whether it be in flight mode for a few hours, or off entirely all day/weekend. Everything works when you unplug it and plug it back in again. Including you.

  6. Perform a huuuuuge inhale. Savour that breath in. Now hold. Then let go. Feel better already? Of course you do. Health does not reside in shallow breath.

  7. Watch comedy. SNL is a Self Practice favourite. Just, laugh. Nothing raises your vibration faster than laughter.

  8. Remove all clutter from your living/work space. Objects hold energy. Remove their stagnance from your surrounds to create clear work and brain flow.

  9. Drink water. So simple, but just as important and overlooked as breath.

  10. Practice being grateful. Write down ten things that you currently have to be thankful for.

  11. Hug someone. Or a pet. Pet’s are great energy re-sets !!

  12. Be near the ocean. Preferably IN the water. Negative ions work wonders on our energy centres.

  13. Change your environment. Literally. Get up and walk away from the place/space that housed an ‘icky’ feeling. A walk around the block makes everything better.

  14. Read something high vibrational. Like Self Practice. Cheap Plug - cause you’re already here… but really! Learning & processing new information is circulating energy and therefore raising our vibration.

  15. Phone a friend. Feeling understood and heard can dramatically improve both our emotional wellbeing and energetic footprint.

  16. Say NO to people, places and things that drain your energy. You might like to read this for further inspiration.

  17. Perform a random act of kindness. Receive your positive energy ten fold in return.