Self Practice is pleased to present our next in-person workshop:

Written and lead by SP founder Lauren Trend. 

Creativity and struggle have gone hand in hand since the dawn of time. 

Themes of inspiration, motivation and dissemination can often overwhelm us, the creative, to the point where it’s just easier to sit stationary, i.e. ignore the work, not move on the ideas, get to it when you ‘have the time’. 

This Workshop FIRST breaks down the blocks that we face when embarking on new ideas, businesses, or branches of our creative selves.

THEN provides tools, reflective exercises, prioritisation and affirmative techniques to help move you past any and all internal / external resistance.

This workshop is for those who / are…

  • Stuck in a creative rut

  • Lack inspiration and drive

  • Unable to easily move past blocks and resistance

  • Struggle to “find the time” to be creative / do the work that is calling them

  • Would “do more if only they had the money..”

  • Looking to be more accountable with themselves and their practice

This is an opportunity for you to invest time, money, energy and effort in YOU and YOUR creative practice. 

Excuses and resistance will never not be there.
This workshop will provide you with invaluable tools to work past said resistance, and propel you forward with the ability to prioritise, strategise, and do the work that is calling you.

When - Sunday 22 September
Where - 43 Derby St Collingwood 
Time - 10 AM - 12 PM

Please bring: An open mind. A willingness to be honest and do the work. 

Provided: Light refreshments, pens, paper, markers and everything you’ll need to part-take in the workshop.  

Please note: This workshop consists of both self-reflective exercises and group participation. You are invited to share as much as is comfortable and are by no means obliged. 

Limited spots available. Bookings essential and non refundable.

We hope to see you there! xo SP