Self Care with Sans [Ceuticals]


I have the beautiful ladies at Little Company to thank for my introduction to Sans. Namely, Bobby Clark. I was given a tester of their Activator 7 Face + Hair Oil after a facial and have been hooked ever since. 

Founded by Lucy Vincent, Sans [Ceuticals] is the byproduct of her passion for sustainable skincare. With an extensive and utterly delicious product range it is no wonder Sans is widely admired for those seeking a beauty alternative that considers the treatment of the earth as much as our skin. 

Sans is created with:
+ 100% biodegradable ingredients
+ 100% recyclable packaging
+ Vegetable ink for all print materials
+ Renewable resources

Some of my favourite products include: 


If you're an ingredient nerd like me, let me gladly introduce you to their glossary. 


All images courtesy of Sans [Ceuticals].