Visuals can hold such power. Those who follow me on Instagram will know that the 'Saved' feature is my favourite tool. I am never not saving and screen-shot-ing that which inspires/evokes a sense of feeling in me. 

I felt called to share with you something I have recently been incorporating into my own energetic/design practice. This is the generation and use of Energetic Mood Boards. (Hear me out..)

With a departure from how mood boards are typically used within design processes; (to communicate an idea, to map out aesthetics, finishes, etc.) here, there is no tangible outcome or byproduct in mind. The purpose, and point, is to, through the power of intuitively selected imagery, curate a sequence that immediately brings you a desired feeling, or welcomes a wanted state. 

Energetic Mood Boards are not to be mistaken for Vision Boards. This is not a see it to bring it to fruition spiritual bypass brain-trick. This is a see it to ~feel it~ process. Side note: If you're still hoping to manifest by thinking positive and visualising - throw everything you've learned out the window and let me introduce you to Lacy Phillips. Her Unblocked Courses and Daily Re-programing Exercises have helped me manifest more in six months than I have in my entire life.

Back to my point. (You've by now noticed how much I love a detour and find it endlessly endearing, right?)

Below is an energetic mood board of my own. A sequence of images to invite a sense of grounding, home, self care & calm. 


For this exercise, I personally like to use found imagery, none of my own/that which I have personally taken. A lot of the imagery from the board above are via an instagram account I love - that always calms me, and various other sources. Our own images come with the emotional ties, memories and subconscious links. Even the beautiful, happy ones, can trigger limiting subconscious thought patterns and beliefs. By selecting imagery that is void of any personal anecdotes, energetics or ties, we welcome a sense of spaciousness; an an opportunity to energetically re-program any unease through the power of this visualisation technique.


Make your own Energetic Mood Board:

Compile a number of images that visually speak to an intention you're trying to call in; a way of feeling. First, identify how it is you'd like to feel: What sort of energy do you wish to embody? Calm? Balanced? Energised? -- Spend some time flicking through books, Instagram or online journals to find imagery that visually encourages and reinforces the state of your identified energies.

Return to the images, to return to your intention. 


- Lauren is the Editor & Founder of Self Practice.