*OUR very best of natural skincare..

We’re not an all-natural-or-nothing company, we use different products for different purposes. But today, by popular demand, SP is excited to share with you, our tried and tested top product and brand picks from the world of natural skincare.

TOP BRANDS: In no particular order

NOTO Botanics - Founded by Gloria Noto

F.Miller - Founded by Fran Miller

LESSE - Founded by Neada Deters

Sans [ceuticals] - Founded by Lucy Marr

Primary Elements - Founded by Jessica Olsen

Drunk Elephant - Founded by Tiffany Masterson

Tammy Fender - Founded by Tammy Fender

TOP PRODUCTS: According SP founder, Lauren Trend

Face wash: Sans {ceuticals]’ Goji Body & Face Cleansing Oil

Face Scrub: NOTO Botanics’ Resurface Scrub

Face Mask: LESSE’s Bioactive Face Masque

Face Oil: An equal (four way) tie between LESSE’s Ritual Serum, NOTO’s Deep Serum, F.Miller’s Face Oil and Sans [ceuticals]’ Activator 7 Oil.

Face Serum: Tammy Fender’s Quintessential Serum

Face Moisturiser: NOTO’s Moisture Riser Cream

Eye treatment Oil: F.Miller’s Eye Treatment Oil

Eye cream / serum: Drunk Elephant’s C-Tango Multi Vitamin Eye Cream

Vitamin C Serum: Drunk Elephant’s C-Firma Day Serum

Body Oil: NOTO’s Agender Oil

Body Wash: F.Miller’s Hand + Body Wash

Body Soap: Sphaera’s Kawakawa and Activated Charcoal Cold-pressed Soap

Body Scrub: Aesop’s Redemtion Body Scrub

Shampoo: Acure’s Vivacious Volume Shampoo

Conditioner: Sans [ceuticals]’ Nourishing Hair Hydrant Ultra +

Hair Treatment: Sans [ceuticals]’ Moisture + Protein Infusion 20

Deodorant: Primary Element’s Mineral + CBD Deodorant

Sunscreen: Aesop’s Protective Body Lotion

- All imagery photographed by Lauren Trend for Self Practice.