My Body Is Not A Burden

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@mjupp - "Up until recently I spent 90% of my brain power thinking of how I desperately need to loose weight and be skinny. It’s funny when you realise you shouldn’t give a shit and that toxic time spent self hating can be spent getting some serious stuff done. This is just the beginning but I can’t wait to see who I am when it’s just 100% LOVE."


A quick note from LT..
Supporting vulnerability and self reflection; I reached out to Milla after stumbling across her Instagram post (above). Pulled by her magnetic sense of self, courage and confidence - I encouraged her to write further about her relationship with her body, by which she shares below. 
Self Practice is a platform for women; to share, support, grow and give back. I am beyond grateful for Milla's courage to share what I know too many can relate to. Thank you M, for being a stand for yourself and body positivity. xo LT


"I don’t relate to a specific body type but I really search for one which makes me feel normal. I am nearly 6ft tall, my boobs are huge, my hips are even bigger and all my weight goes to my stomach.

I really admire and follow heaps of body positive accounts but i’m also jealous that they can be that confident whilst i’m spreading a lot of self hatred to my friends.

I am angry at myself for not being able to wear a bikini. I am constantly fucked off about how much I have eaten the last few days and getting dressed is a constant reminder of how much I have no option but to drastically lose weight.

I pine after seeing a body on social media that I could look like if I ‘lost a stone’ and find clothes that would look so much nicer on me once I ‘am a bit skinnier’.

I’ve said half a handful of positive words about myself in the last 2 years and i’m only just questioning why.

Spreading negativity about my own body to my friends only makes me feel worse and encourages others to do the same.

I know what to and what not to eat in order to feel healthy.

I am never going to look like anyone else because I am me.

I am a glass half full person about everything else in my life and I am going to finally be half full about my body too." 

Written by Milla Jupp for Self Practice, June 2018. 

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