The Best Mindfulness Apps


Some of my favourite meditation/mindfulness apps that make it easy to zone out and upgrade your vibe anywhere, anytime: 

  • The Mindfulness App

  • Headspace

  • Calm


  • buddhify

  • Insight Timer

  • Smiling Mind

  • Meditation Timer Pro

Over the years I have tried all of the above and love them each for varying reasons. At present, I am particularly drawn to Insight Timer, as their library is incredibly extensive and you can also choose simple sounds and bells to call you in and out if your practice if you’re not in need of as much guidance. I have my beautiful friend Sim to thank for introducing me to Insight Timer. 

Headspace is a great place to start if meditation is a new to you - otherwise a class with Manoj Dias at A-Space could be a wonderful introduction and great for connecting IRL with like minded others. 

MindLauren Trend