This week, our founder & editor, Lauren Trend, was incredibly humbled to share some of her own rituals, routines and current self-practices with the women behind Del Rainbow.

You can read the feature in full here.

Below, some snippets from the story.

xo SP


How would you describe yourself in five words?

Intuitive, determined, supportive, grateful, opportunistic.

What are you grateful for?

My support network, my intuitive downloads and every tomorrow.

What inspires you each day? 

Everyone fighting for equality in the face of such potent adversity.

To not take my privilege for granted.

To work hard for the future I believe in.

Beauty ritual and products you swear by?

Bathing is my religion. I dry body brush, every day, twice a day. It does such remarkable things for our lymphatic system. In the shower – Christophe Robin Salt Shampoo, a home made Ayurvedic face wash which consists mainly of chickpea flower, triphala and turmeric powder. I lather Sans Activator Oil 7 all over my body whilst in the shower for extreme hydration. LESSE’s Balancing Face Serum on my face afterwards, F.Miller Eye Treatment Oil around the obvious areas. On days that I’m feeling abnormally dry, I’ll lather Sun Potion’s Shea Butter Skin Food all over my face & neck. I can honestly feel my skin drinking it, it’s so lush. Re hair – usually I spray Sachajuan’s Leave In Conditioner before coming my bob in a centre part with my wide tooth Mason Pearson comb and leaving my hair to dry naturally – always. I also religiously practice daily Gua Sha for increased blood circulation on my face, jaw & neck.

What fulfils you?

Building and supporting the Self Practice community. Seeing people have honest and genuine conversations, with others, and themselves.

Something you would tell your younger self?

I’m doing this all for you.