King Princess photographed by Kitty Callaghan

King Princess photographed by Kitty Callaghan

Queer pop icon in the making, King Princess - aka Mikaela Strauss - currently has her feet on Australian soil for her first headline tour. Earlier this month, the Mark Ronson prodigy caught up with Russh Magazine to talk queerness, creativity and ~feelings ~

Today, SP shares some of our favourite excerpts from the interview, conducted by Victoria Pearson. Enjoy!    

PS - if you’re yet to be acquainted, let us introduce you to her Spotify, here.


“I feel like I was taught by my parents how to pick them, you know? And I feel like it’s an exercise in self-awareness and being sure of yourself to pick people who you really have a good feeling about, like I feel as women we do have this gut feeling.”

“I feel extremely privileged in being gay, and being respected for being gay, because I haven’t really experienced a lot of the sexual injustice that most women experience. You know every woman that I am close to that I love has had an experience of assault or abuse of power from men, by men, and I have as well but in the industry I have found a sense of safety and a good team and that includes men, and I feel really lucky because I know that that is just not the case usually.”

“It’s hard I think, if you’re like somebody who is really emotional and thrown into a career like this, there’s a lot. I’m depressed and happy and stressed and anxious, and it kind of depends on the day.. But I mean, would I trade all of those things for not being creative? I don’t think so.”

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