A few tips, tools and insights.

— By Self Practice

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Gua Sha is an age old Chines self-massage technique, which inspired the making of The SP Multi-Comb. When creating the SP Multi-Comb, our starting point was to offer a tool that was as useful as it was beautiful.

Below are a few insights pertaining to, and tips you might like to try, whilst using your SP Multi-Comb..

1. To focus on the health of your hair, as opposed to the scalp; using your favourite hair conditioner or hair treatment, comb your preferred product through the ends of your hair using the SP Mult-Comb to ensure the treatment is evenly and generously applied.

2. Use the handle of your SP Multi Comb in semi-circle movements under the eye, to de-crease puffiness and under eye bags. Beginning at the inner corner of the eye, circling under the eye across the top of the cheek in outward motions. Always work from the centre of the face, toward the hairline.

3. You can use your comb on wet or dry hair. Traditionally, Gua Sha performed on the scalp and around the hairline is done dry. Start by inserting the teeth of the comb at the hairline and work backwards, in short but with downward pressure combing movements, away from the skin, toward the crown of the head.

4. By focussing on the hairline, when combing - you might notice stimulation across muscle groups in your face and neck. Within the hairline, try wiggling the teeth of the comb from side to side, as opposed to regular front-to-back combing motions. This can help aid tension headaches and help relax the neck and face.

5. Pair the use of your SP Multi-Comb with your favourite self care products. For performing Gua Sha movements on the face, begin first by applying an oil or serum to help the handle glide across the skin without resistance. Performing self-massage will also help the product penetrate the skin, increasing product retention and of course, circulating the skin’s natural blood flow.

6. The SP Multi-Comb is also great for those who are hesitant to wash their hair, wishing to avoid heat, or too much product. By gently combing through the scalp and stimulating the nerve endings, the SP Multi-Comb will assist bringing in blood supply, therefore promoting a healthier scalp and hair growth.

However you choose to use your SP Multi-Comb, we hope it becomes a treasured tool for your self-care practices. xo SP

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