Garden Landing is an exhibition that explores boundaries, self-awareness, and the space between your own experience and another person’s perception of it. Rhodes' paintings probe at how we may be seen, observed and understood. Within the perimeters of a hortus conclusus, or enclosed garden, Rhodes reflects on the female experience in a heavenly province, home to figures who lounge within the protection of the wall and inviting greenery. Despite the sublime façade of the landscape—not unlike The Garden of Eden—the walled garden speaks of danger; its enclosure implies privacy and impenetrability. Rather, Rhodes depicts a post-paradise landscape—one that aims to recreate the original idea of Eden—in an effort to protect the female figures from harm, to maintain paradise, and nurture an inner lifeforce that once was.


Holly Rhodes is an emerging artist from Sydney, Australia. Rhodes has long depicted the female experience through her painting practice, posing questions surrounding the innate contrasts of femininity, strength, sacredness and sexuality. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from National Art School (NAS). Her previous exhibitions include ‘Cars’, Ellery Gallery 2017, ‘Salon de Sydney’, Ambush Gallery 2016, ‘The RAW Project’, The Ladies Network 2016, and ‘Hollier than Thou, Blank Space Gallery, 2015. The artist currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

On behalf of Holly Rhodes and Jerrico Contemporary, we would like to extend and invitation to the Self Practice Community to view her solo show ‘Garden Landing’, this Thursday August 29, from 6-8pm, at Jerrico Contemporary Gallery in Wooloomooloo.