The Offering - Editioned Archive

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In December of last year, I presented my first womenswear collection under the umbrella of Editioned Archive.

Acting as equal parts wardrobe and library, Editioned Archive explores both written and worn forms of dress - and through this practice, various modes of fashion writing, presentations, experiences, exhibitions and ideas are explored.

This particular presentation took place on a perfect summer afternoon which - by no coincidence - coincided with the day of my 25th birthday. This body of work was my offering, The Offering, to myself. A ceremonious collecting of memories, seashells, slubbed silks and linens; this collection - every stitch, every seam - was an extension of myself. In the months before - its making was my meditation. Reminiscing on the occasion even now, months later, brings tears to my eyes.

It has become incredibly important for both my person and my practice to engage in and create a dialogue around fashion that extends beyond the familiar retail model. It was such an honour to be able to present a body of work with my friends, family and extended design community on this afternoon - with my home and the beautiful courtyard within The Beverley Hills Apartment Block as backdrop. 

For some time now, I have been asking questions around what it means to create and consume dress, and how I might be able to offer experiences, ideas, and engagements that are void of the exchange of dollar. It was on this afternoon that I was asking the audience to solely admire rather than to (eventually) purchase..

This exercise certainly won't be the last of it's kind. I firmly believe there need be more ways that we can experience dress beyond an act of purchase. 

Below are but a few of my favourite images from the day - shot by my dear friend, and creative counterpart, Tasha Tylee.