Introducing.. The SP MULTI-COMB!


The SP MULTI-COMB is a functional tool made to aid and enhance your self-care routine; inspired by the ancient Gua Sha methodologies, to stimulate circulation and blood flow on both the face and scalp.

Tame your hair and treat your scalp with the teeth of the comb, and use the handle to perform traditional Gua Sha movements on the face, jaw and neck.


This tool, when used intentionally:
- Stimulates hair growth
- Boosts collagen and blood flow
- Helps to remove tension headaches
- Flushes toxins and drains lymph nodes
- Decreases puffiness on and around the face

Carved out of 100% Jade Crystal, this product’s benefits work beyond the physical plane. Jade, as an ancient mineral, is useful to treat stress, anxiety and foster balance, working predominately with the heart chakra. You may like to cleanse and recharge your SP MULTI-COMB to enhance your practice & product ritual.

All SP MULTI-COMBS are made from 100% crystal, meaning no two combs are the same. Our combs were made in China, for Self Practice, by the traditional Gua Sha craftspeople of the Beiyang Village. In sharing this product with you, we honour their learnings, teachings and wisdom.

We hope this item becomes a treasured heirloom for your personalised practices. xo SP