Concentrated e-courses on key areas of practice


The Self Practice ONLINE STUDIES are e-Courses on concentrated areas of practice, broken into modules of powerful introspection.

They are largely reflective and contain up to five times more content than our offline workshops.
You can log in from the comfort of your own home, and complete the content at your desired pace.

There is no time limit to your access. You will have the content forever.

With the Online Studies, you get out what you put in.

Self Practice does not believe in telling you WHAT to think.
Self Practice does not believe in telling you HOW to think.

We believe in providing you the tools to decide for yourself and create personalised, deliberate action.

What you will find within our e-courses are wildly powerful questions, prompts, videos and guided content that will put you further in touch with yourself: your beliefs, patterns, practices and behaviours.

You will be invited to expand beyond your current circumstances, rid yourself of limiting beliefs and unconstructive behaviours and work towards your self-identified goals, dreams and desires.

As you excavate old patterns, and pave a clear way for individualised self-practice, the Modules within these Online Studies will ask questions of yourself that hold the power to propel you forward, and into inspired action.

You ready to get started?