Self Practice is both a community and research platform, exploring the intersect of wellbeing and design, which firmly believes that the most important relationship we have in our lives is that with ourselves.

When we are able to connect with ourselves, understand our patterns, behaviours, preferences and needs - we can use these reflections and take actionable steps towards more aligned personal, professional and creative practices.

Founded by Lauren Trend, Self Practice is a multidisciplinary hub offering you both online and offline space to better know yourself. Through our events, e-courses, articles and ever expanding myriad of offline endeavours, you will find tips, tools, references and resources that strive to gently remind you to part take in compassionate and continual self-practice.


A note from Lauren.. 

With an academic background in design an obsession with integrated wellness practices, Self Practice is the aggregation of all that interests me - professionally, creatively & personally. It is the acknowledgment of every part of self. 

As cathartic as fostering this space is for my own person & my practice - since its inception, Self Practice fast became both a useful resource for those with common interests, and a platform to give voice to many definitions and views on creativity and wellness.

And so, addressed here within our research, workshops, events, and platform at large is the betterment of the total self: emotional, physical, creative, intellectual & spiritual.

I firmly believe the most important relationship we have in our lives is that with ourselves. This space promotes fostering that relationship above all else. Rituals, resources and references are shared here, with the intention of encouraging self reflection and inspired action.

Welcome to Self Practice.